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Customer Experience

customer service secrets from Amazon

Five key customer service secrets from Amazon

By AI & Automation, Customer Experience, Self Service

In just over 25 years, Amazon has become the world’s top online retailer. During that time, it has transformed many aspects of retail and customer service that we now take for granted. The company’s dedication to innovation and the customer experience has raised the bar for everyone. Essentially consumers now expect the same level of service and ease of doing…

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customer service agility

Why agility is now at the heart of customer service success

By Customer Experience, Hybrid Working, Moving to the Cloud, Remote-Working, Unified Communications & Collaboration

Over the past 20 years customer service strategy and management has transformed. When contact centres were first established, most companies treated them as a cost centre. That meant the primary strategic aim was to run them as efficiently as possible. This changed as businesses (and management) realised the importance of customer service and customer experience to winning and retaining customers….

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contact centre as a revenue generator

3 ways to turn contact centres into revenue generators

By AI & Automation, Contact Centre, Customer Experience, Voice of the Customer (VoC)

While always seen as important, customer service has traditionally been viewed as an overhead or cost to the business and not a contact centre revenue generator. Companies understand that it plays a vital role in onboarding and retaining customers, but they’ve not been able to link it to actual revenues. That meant that the major focus within the contact centre…

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Driving Channel Choice In Customer Service

Understanding The Factors Driving Channel Choice In Customer Service

By Chat, Customer Experience, Email, Inbound Call Centre, Self Service

Consumers now have an ever-widening range of channels for interacting with companies. That puts the onus on companies to offer a consistent, high quality service across all of them. But what is driving channel choice in customer service and how can they resource channels effectively and efficiently? Getting the right balance has to start by understanding your customers. How, why…

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Managing Customer Emotions

Why Managing Customer Emotions Is Even More Important Than You Think

By Customer Experience

Your customers do not choose you based on the experience you provide. Instead, customers choose you because of the experience they remember you provide. This is a small but vital difference. Therefore, managing what your customers remember is imperative for organisations today. Moreover, it also means contact centre employees should understand how they can positively help the memory-making process for customers. This…

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Meeting customer needs at the moment of truth

Meeting customer needs at the moment of truth

By Customer Experience, Voice of the Customer (VoC)

Every organisation understands that delivering the right experience to customers is central to attracting and retaining their business. Engaged customers are more loyal, spend more and recommend you to family and friends. In contrast disengaged consumers are unlikely to value your products and services. Moreover, they will switch to other brands when they can. Given the importance of customer engagement…

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Addressing the contact centre retention crisis

By Customer Experience, Hybrid Working, Real-Time Speech Analytics

91% of contact centre staff are likely to leave their role in 2021, according to research carried out for Enghouse Interactive. And nearly half (48%) said that stress or burnout was the key reason for their decision. Given the pressures of the last year this headline figure shouldn’t be a surprise. Contact centre staff have had to deal with the…

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