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Customer Experience

customer service budgets

Why cutting customer service budgets is a false economy

By AI & Automation, Contact Centre, Customer Experience, Moving to the Cloud, Voice of the Customer (VoC)

Most companies are now finalising their customer service budgets for 2024. However, given the economic downturn, there’s likely to be more pressure to look for ways to reduce spending. Customer service is often vulnerable when enterprises look for places to make cuts. This may be because it’s often wrongly viewed as a cost centre rather than a source of competitive…

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Agent experience

How technology can improve the agent experience

By AI & Automation, Contact Centre, Customer Experience, Hybrid Working, Moving to the Cloud, Unified Communications & Collaboration

Providing a high-quality agent experience benefits both contact centre employees and the businesses they work for. Engaged agents provide better service to customers, are more productive and less likely to leave. However, traditionally contact centres have struggled with the agent experience. Much of this is down to the nature of the job. On top of having to help customers with…

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proactive customer service

Understanding the keys to proactive customer service success

By AI & Automation, Contact Centre, Customer Experience, Messaging/SMS

In a fast-moving world, companies need to embrace proactive customer service to effectively address consumer needs. They must value customer time, minimise effort and deliver service seamlessly. How can they achieve this? Gartner’s Dynamic Customer Engagement (DCE) framework provides an answer. It aims to empower customer service to deliver the “next best action,” saving customers time while reducing unnecessary interactions…

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Omnichannel CCaaS

The Rise of Omnichannel CCaaS: Delivering a Seamless Customer Experience

By Contact Centre, Customer Experience, Moving to the Cloud

Customers, more than ever, expect an omnichannel experience. They want the convenience of being able to move seamlessly between different digital and human channels. One of the most effective ways of supporting this is deploying an omnichannel Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) platform to underpin current and future needs. BT’s latest Autonomous Customer 2023 research highlights the growing demand…

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Customer Journey Management

On the Path to Customer Journey Management

By Contact Centre, Customer Experience

Customers’ expectations about their experiences they get from brands has evolved greatly over the last few years. Understanding their journeys and keeping up with those expectations across every stage of the relationship are both critical to ensuring that customers have a great experience. How do brands do that? Well, by managing the customer journey, they can better understand their customers,…

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Customer expectations

Meeting customer expectations around service

By Contact Centre, Customer Experience, Knowledge Management, Self Service, Voice of the Customer (VoC)

When it comes to service, customer expectations are rising as they demand a better experience from organisations. Companies know it’s vital to deliver what customers want. However, understanding what will actually appeal to them can be more difficult. Demonstrating this, ContactBabel’s latest research finds that expectations vary dramatically between customer demographics. The report, Exceeding UK Customer Expectations 2023-24, which is…

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Real-time chat translation

How real-time chat translation delivers better multilanguage customer service

By Chat, Contact Centre, Customer Experience, IVR

Providing service in a customer’s preferred language is key to a great experience, that’s why embracing real-time chat translation makes this easier to achieve. Today, customers may not be confident or comfortable in the main language used within your contact centre. This could be because you are providing service to multiple countries from a single location, or to local customers…

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Tracking the right customer service metrics for contact centre success

By Contact Centre, Customer Experience

Contact centres have always measured key customer service metrics. However, given the rising importance of customer experience, the metrics used must evolve and change. This enables customer service leaders to demonstrate the value of their work, linking the contact centre to the wider organisation and its objectives. Essentially, customer service metrics are split into two main categories – operational KPIs…

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Five ways technology can transform utility telephone customer service

By Contact Centre, Customer Experience, Utilities

Customer expectations are changing dramatically when it comes to utility telephone customer service. Customers want a strong, supportive experience, particularly considering that the telephone remains the primary channel for service. Failing to deliver on these expectations can have major consequences. In fact, ContactBabel research found the utility sector is losing £448 million every year in revenue due to customers switching…

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Tenant Satisfaction Measures

How are housing associations responding to Tenant Satisfaction Measures?

By AI & Automation, Contact Centre, Customer Experience, Housing, Self Service, Unified Communications & Collaboration

It’s now three months since the introduction of new Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSMs) across social housing. They cover five areas, including the state and safety of properties, and how landlords effectively handle complaints. Housing associations must report on TSMs to the regulator, using a mix of tenant satisfaction surveys and management information. Initial indications suggest that TSMs are highlighting multiple…

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