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reduce customer response times

7 top tips to reduce customer response times

By AI & Automation, Business Intelligence, Collaboration Tools, Contact Centre, Customer Experience, Inbound Call Centre, Self Service

The importance of fast, accurate answers when delivering customer service cannot be overestimated. Research shows it is the number one priority for customers to get a quick response. In fact studies show that on the phone they want a response within three minutes, while on email and social media they are unhappy if they don’t get an answer within 60…

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customer service frustration

Could you repeat that please….

By AI & Automation, Contact Centre, Customer Experience, IVR

When customers contact your organisation, they want their enquiry resolved quickly. Valuing their time and treating them with empathy is central to this. That’s why customers become irritated when asked to repeat information they have already provided after switching channels or when transferred to another agent. In fact, in a recent Enghouse survey, 53% of consumers listed having to repeat…

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Natural Language Understanding and customer service

What is Natural Language Understanding and why is it important to customer service?

By Agent Evaluation, AI & Automation, Contact Centre, Customer Experience, Voice of the Customer (VoC)

Artificial intelligence is an increasing part of business operations, including within the contact centre, where it can be used to power intelligent chatbots or automate existing processes (such as call wrap-ups) to increase efficiency. However, AI is a wide field with multiple techniques and technologies within it – this blog will explore how Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural Language…

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metaverse customer experience

Practical tips for delivering customer experience in the metaverse 📺

By AI & Automation, Customer Experience

The concept of the metaverse first hit the headlines when Facebook announced its name change to Meta in October 2021. At the time CEO Mark Zuckerberg outlined his vision for the metaverse, a place that brought together the online, virtual and augmented worlds to enable people to connect in deeper and more seamless ways. Since then, every sector has been…

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Digital customer experiences drivers

Five key shifts that are driving digital customer experiences

By AI & Automation, Customer Experience, Self Service

Customer experience is evolving, driven by changing customer needs and accelerated by the pandemic. Key to this is the increasing shift towards digital in all of our lives. Organisations therefore need to understand and react to this transformation to engage with customers and retain them for the long-term. These five drivers are responsible for this shift in customer experience: 1….

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predictions for customer service

4 predictions for customer service in 2022

By AI & Automation, Chatbots & AI, Contact Centre, Hybrid Working, Video Communications

What changes will the contact centre see in 2022? To find out we asked a selection of Enghouse experts to look into their crystal balls. Here are some of their top predictions for customer service: 1. Making customer service more visual with video and AR Alex Black, Chief Technical Officer at Enghouse Interactive I’ll start with a recommendation. There is much…

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customer service secrets from Amazon

Five key customer service secrets from Amazon

By AI & Automation, Customer Experience, Self Service

In just over 25 years, Amazon has become the world’s top online retailer. During that time, it has transformed many aspects of retail and customer service that we now take for granted. The company’s dedication to innovation and the customer experience has raised the bar for everyone. Essentially consumers now expect the same level of service and ease of doing…

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contact centre as a revenue generator

3 ways to turn contact centres into revenue generators

By AI & Automation, Contact Centre, Customer Experience, Voice of the Customer (VoC)

While always seen as important, customer service has traditionally been viewed as an overhead or cost to the business and not a contact centre revenue generator. Companies understand that it plays a vital role in onboarding and retaining customers, but they’ve not been able to link it to actual revenues. That meant that the major focus within the contact centre…

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5 top tips for successful call monitoring

By AI & Automation, Call & Screen Recording, Real-Time Speech Analytics

An effective call recording or call monitoring system is essential for today’s contact centre. Not only does it help organisations meet regulatory compliance obligations, but it can also assist in dispute resolution and has an important role to play in improving call centre performance. It can be used to extract actionable insights from conversations and to reward good performance, or…

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