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successful digital customer experience transformation

The 4 key components of a successful digital customer experience transformation

By Customer Experience

The shift to digital is driving radical change in customer service across all industries. Consumers now want an improved, more digital experience however and whenever they make contact. They demand a wider range of channels and want to be able to switch effortlessly between them during the customer journey. The pandemic has accelerated many aspects of this transformation as lockdowns…

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Future-proofing customer service in financial services

By Customer Experience, Finance & Banking

Two key trends are driving the evolution of the customer experience delivered by financial services brands. The first is the rise of agile new rivals, which is increasing competition and disrupting traditional banking models. Often these new players base their whole business model on offering a personalised, responsive customer experience. Secondly, digital channels are growing fast, with more and more…

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more sustainable contact centres

3 ways to make contact centres more sustainable

By Contact Centre, Hybrid Working, Self Service

Sustainability is now a key focus for both businesses and consumers as people increasingly want to protect the world around us. Improving sustainability – for example by finding ways to reduce carbon emissions – is now a clearly stated goal for many businesses, with clear targets and metrics put in place. And consumers are increasingly demanding that the companies they…

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invest in service

Organisations need to resist cost-cutting impulse and invest in the service agenda

By Contact Centre, Customer Experience

Businesses are operating in very challenging times, and conditions are likely to get even tougher. A combination of rising inflation, the escalating cost of living, geopolitical upheaval, supply chain blockages, recruitment challenges, and future Covid risks will make the second half of this year a difficult arena in which to do business. In such times, there is a natural impulse…

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future hybrid contact centre

From Nessie to Necessity: The case for the future hybrid contact centre

By Contact Centre, Hybrid Working, Remote-Working

In 1992 BT ran an experiment in Inverness – inventively named “the Inverness Experiment”. Eleven valiant volunteers from our contact centres (then called operator services) worked from home for a year. Far from unearthing a monster, the experiment was a success. Customer satisfaction went up, and so did employee satisfaction. However, in those days there was no broadband or WiFi,…

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Digital Local Government

Digitally delivering on customer needs in local government

By Contact Centre, Customer Experience, Local Government

Customers increasingly want to interact with their local councils digitally, rather than having to pick up the phone or visit physical offices. It saves them time and makes transactions simpler and easier to do. Embracing digital technology also provides local government with multiple benefits. It helps councils to be more efficient, thus saving money, as well as enabling them to…

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Closing the customer experience gap

Bridging the customer experience disconnect

By Chat, Customer Experience, Email, Live Video Chat, Messaging/SMS, Self Service

Understanding customer needs is central to delivering the service and experience they demand. But new research from Enghouse demonstrates a worrying disconnect between what customers actually want and what companies think they want. This customer experience gap could lead organisations to invest in the wrong areas, in turn, letting customers down and driving them into the arms of competitors. The…

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Customer Service Employee Experience

Why a positive employee experience is vital to customer service success

By Contact Centre, Customer Experience

Across every industry there’s a clear link between engaged employees and business success. For example, according to Gallup organisations that have highly engaged employees are 11% more profitable and twice as likely to retain staff compared to rivals. Essentially more engaged employees are: More productive More likely to stay Less prone to absenteeism More innovative Perform better and deliver a…

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cloud contact centre migration

The why and how of successful cloud contact centre migration

By Cloud, Contact Centre, Moving to the Cloud

As businesses adapt to a fast-changing world, they are increasingly moving key parts of the contact centre to the cloud. This shift accelerated during the pandemic lockdowns: with offices suddenly closing, companies were forced to move to home working. Cloud-enabled systems allowed them to continue operating seamlessly. Now, post-pandemic this trend is continuing with contact centres using the cloud to…

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