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Microsoft Teams in the Contact Centre

Why use Microsoft Teams in the Contact Centre? + 📺

By Collaboration Tools, Contact Centre, Hybrid Working, Microsoft, Microsoft Teams, Remote-Working

As the contact centre industry evolves, there’s an increasing focus on collaboration and agility. As well as empowering agents to deliver a better, more joined-up experience. For this reason, many contact centres are turning to Microsoft Teams. Relying on its combination of productivity tools, workplace chat, video meetings, shared file storage, and application integration designed to deliver a powerful collaboration…

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Empowering customer service agents

How to empower your customer service agents

By Contact Centre, Knowledge Management, Remote-Working, Training

Whatever industry you are in, great customer service leads to success. And with more and more routine customer queries now handled through self-service and chatbots, this increases the importance of your agents dealing with the remaining, more complex questions. So how do you go engage with and empower customer service agents? That’s the theme of The UK Inner Circle Guide…

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Top 10 blog CX posts

Top 10 CX blog posts – learning from 2021

By Contact Centre, Customer Experience, Hybrid Working, Knowledge Management, Microsoft Teams, Moving to the Cloud, Remote-Working, Unified Communications & Collaboration

It’s been another year of transformation for the contact centre industry. The pandemic continues to impact every aspect of people’s lives, forcing companies to adapt to new customer behaviours and changing working models. To help prepare for the year ahead, we’re therefore highlighting some of the key trends to watch out for through a review of our top 10 CX…

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Integrate call recording into Microsoft Teams

How to integrate contact centre call recording into Microsoft Teams

By Call & Screen Recording, Microsoft, Microsoft Teams, Quality Control & Customer Insights

As Microsoft Teams becomes a core part of the contact centre, organisations must find a way to integrate all of their existing functionality into the platform. Call recording is an essential part of this, providing compliance and quality assurance. However there are multiple approaches to call recording within Teams. So how should you go about ensuring this key piece of…

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choosing a cloud-based call accounting solution

5 key considerations to choose the perfect cloud-based call accounting solution

By Call Billing, Microsoft Teams, Quality Control & Customer Insights

Call accounting software is essential for any business that needs to capture, record, and control the costs of telephone usage events. By enabling you to track what calls have been made, to what numbers and how much they have cost, it increases visibility over your network, enabling you to identify and prevent fraud, billing errors and telephone misuse. Analysing call…

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6 key trends in housing association customer service for 2021

By Chatbots & AI, Housing, Hybrid Working, Microsoft Teams, Unified Communications & Collaboration

For Housing Associations, customer service is key to success – it is essential to keep customers happy and make it very easy for them to communicate with the organisation. Previously, customer contact has often been limited to office and telephone interactions.  Coronavirus necessitated a rethink to maintain service standards and customer satisfaction whilst creating a safe working environment for staff…

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Extending Teams into your contact centre: 4 keys to a successful migration

By Contact Centre, Enterprise, Microsoft, Microsoft Teams, Small/Medium Business, Unified Communications & Collaboration

Deploying Microsoft Teams within customer service delivers significant benefits, such as increasing collaboration, underpinning hybrid and blended working and ensuring agility by improving integration and information sharing with other departments. All of this helps to create a more unified and efficient experience for customers and agents. However, extending Teams into the contact centre requires careful planning if you are to…

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How collaboration tools are delivering contact centre benefits

How collaboration tools are delivering contact centre benefits

By Collaboration Tools, Enterprise, Microsoft Teams, Service Provider, Small/Medium Business, Unified Communications & Collaboration

The last twelve months have seen a major acceleration in the use of collaboration and communication tools across businesses thanks to the pandemic and the rise of home working. These tools enable employees to work together seamlessly and access the information they need to do their jobs, wherever they are based. At a time of increased focus on customer service,…

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Supporting agent wellbeing in a hybrid working world

Supporting agent wellbeing in a hybrid working world

By Collaboration Tools, Contact Centre, Hybrid Working, Microsoft Teams, Remote-Working, Training, Unified Communications & Collaboration

Your people are your greatest asset, and this is particularly true when it comes to the contact centre. Your agents are the frontline representatives of your company and brand and are central to delivering the service and experience that attracts and retains customers. That means that investing in ensuring their wellbeing is vital to your business. The pandemic and lockdowns…

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