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Self Service

Customer expectations

Meeting customer expectations around service

By Contact Centre, Customer Experience, Knowledge Management, Self Service, Voice of the Customer (VoC)

When it comes to service, customer expectations are rising as they demand a better experience from organisations. Companies know it’s vital to deliver what customers want. However, understanding what will actually appeal to them can be more difficult. Demonstrating this, ContactBabel’s latest research finds that expectations vary dramatically between customer demographics. The report, Exceeding UK Customer Expectations 2023-24, which is…

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Tenant Satisfaction Measures

How are housing associations responding to Tenant Satisfaction Measures?

By AI & Automation, Contact Centre, Customer Experience, Housing, Self Service, Unified Communications & Collaboration

It’s now three months since the introduction of new Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSMs) across social housing. They cover five areas, including the state and safety of properties, and how landlords effectively handle complaints. Housing associations must report on TSMs to the regulator, using a mix of tenant satisfaction surveys and management information. Initial indications suggest that TSMs are highlighting multiple…

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Customer service within local government

Why investing in technology is essential for customer service within local government

By AI & Automation, Customer Experience, Integration, Local Government, Moving to the Cloud, Self Service

Customer service within local government remains a priority as councils aim to meet the changing needs of their citizens. However, data from the Local Government Association suggests that councils will need to spend an additional £2.6 billion per year just to maintain services at their current level of accessibility and quality. This enormous funding shortfall potentially impacts everything that local…

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Housing association customer service

Why housing association customer service must be all inclusive

By Contact Centre, Customer Experience, Housing, Live Video Chat, Messaging/SMS, Self Service, Video Communications

As they cater for a very wide demographic, housing association customer service must meet diverse needs, including supporting some of the most vulnerable groups in society. They also have to deliver on new Tenant Satisfaction Measures set by the regulator. This requires housing associations to become more open and engage with their tenants and their needs. Meeting diverse needs across…

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contact centre experience

5 ways to supercharge your contact centre experience

By AI & Automation, Contact Centre, Self Service, Voice of the Customer (VoC)

Customer expectations around the contact centre experience are rising continually. Organisations know they need to act. Research from analysts Metrigy has found that customer satisfaction has been a top three business priority for the last three years, leading to a growing investment in customer experience technology. No wonder that nearly two-thirds (65%) of organisations surveyed by Metrigy were planning to…

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Customer Service Knowledge Management

10 best practices for customer service knowledge management

By Contact Centre, Knowledge Management, Self Service

Customer queries are becoming increasingly complex – and the information required to answer them is constantly evolving. That means a comprehensive, up-to-date, and widely accessible knowledge management system has never been more important to successful contact centre operations. It empowers agents, ensures customers receive faster responses, increases productivity, and enables customers to find their own answers via self-service, reducing costs. So,…

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Get customer service ready for Black Friday

Why getting customer service ready for Black Friday is even more important in 2022

By Contact Centre, Customer Experience, Self Service

We’re heading into the busiest time of the year for many sectors, especially retail. With Black Friday coming up on the 25th of November, there’s still time for adjustments and improvements to customer service plans. While pandemic lockdowns are no longer a factor this year, new factors will come into play that will impact consumer behaviour. Customer service will need…

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channel shift

Four best practice tips to help drive channel shift

By Chat, Customer Experience, IVR, Self Service, Voice of the Customer (VoC)

Putting in place a strategy that encourages customers to make more use of digital channels is increasingly important. Carried out effectively channel shift has the potential to boost efficiency while at same time helping to improve the overall customer experience. However, for your strategy to be successful and effective over time, you need to ensure that it closely addresses customer…

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FCR the miracle metric

Is FCR the Miracle Metric for Improving the Customer Experience?

By Contact Centre, Customer Experience, Knowledge Management, Self Service

Resolving a call first time is a vital part of the customer experience, making First Contact Resolution (FCR) a crucial way of measuring customer service success. To find out more about how to understand and improve FCR, Enghouse ran an in-depth webinar with Steve Morrell, lead analyst and Managing Director at ContactBabel. Click here to watch a replay – or…

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