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contact centre analytics

Unlocking the real power of contact centre analytics

By Agent Evaluation, Business Intelligence, Quality Control & Customer Insights, Real-Time Speech Analytics

Effective contact centre analytics is vital to delivering efficient, high-quality customer service. However, customer service operations produce vast amounts of data. This covers everything from metrics on call length to more in-depth quality assessments of individual interactions. This data is often siloed within individual departments or software systems, adding complexity. Additionally, it can be difficult to understand or visualise by…

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utility customer service

Building empathy into utility customer service

By Call & Screen Recording, Contact Centre, Customer Experience, Knowledge Management, Quality Control & Customer Insights, Utilities, Voice of the Customer (VoC)

Utility customer service teams face multiple challenges in delivering the right experience to meet customer needs. They have to handle a growing number of increasingly complex interactions, across channels from traditional letters to social media. No wonder that the latest ContactBabel Utilities Guide finds that they are struggling in some of key areas. Average speed to answer a call is…

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Interaction recording

Taking interaction recording to the next level

By Agent Evaluation, Call & Screen Recording, Contact Centre, Quality Control & Customer Insights

Interaction recording has become a key contact centre technology, vital for compliance, training, and quality assurance. It has evolved from its roots in call recording to provide multichannel capabilities, enabling companies to take a more holistic approach to evaluation. This includes the ability to record and compare the activity on the agent’s screen during and after a call, as well…

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Understanding call centre agent performance

Understanding and recognising good agent performance through technology

By Agent Evaluation, Call & Screen Recording, Contact Centre, Quality Control & Customer Insights, Voice of the Customer (VoC)

Call centre agents are on the customer experience frontline, representing your organisation to consumers. In an increasingly digital world, they could be the only employee that a customer actually interacts with. Being an agent is not easy. Customers are becoming more and more demanding, often upset and angry, which adds to agent pressure. These stresses can lead to agents burning…

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customer service quality assurance

The four challenges to quality assurance in customer service

By Agent Evaluation, Call & Screen Recording, Contact Centre, Quality Control & Customer Insights

Consumer expectations are continually rising when it comes to customer service. What does this mean for contact centre priorities for the year ahead? The 2022 ContactBabel UK Contact Centre Decision-Maker’s Guide, sponsored by Enghouse Interactive, has researched current key pain points. And to help customer service teams it includes guidance on how to overcome these problems. Top of this list…

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meaningful measurement of CX

It’s time for more meaningful measurement of CX

By Business Intelligence, Customer Experience, Quality Control & Customer Insights, Voice of the Customer (VoC)

This article is based on ideas from my recent book, Meaningful Measurement of the Customer Experience, now available everywhere. If you ask most business leaders what their primary measures of success are, they can probably tell you pretty easily. But when they are given reports with statistics on a regular basis, the information presented starts to cloud the judgement of…

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Integrate call recording into Microsoft Teams

How to integrate contact centre call recording into Microsoft Teams

By Call & Screen Recording, Microsoft, Microsoft Teams, Quality Control & Customer Insights

As Microsoft Teams becomes a core part of the contact centre, organisations must find a way to integrate all of their existing functionality into the platform. Call recording is an essential part of this, providing compliance and quality assurance. However there are multiple approaches to call recording within Teams. So how should you go about ensuring this key piece of…

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choosing a cloud-based call accounting solution

5 key considerations to choose the perfect cloud-based call accounting solution

By Call Billing, Microsoft Teams, Quality Control & Customer Insights

Call accounting software is essential for any business that needs to capture, record, and control the costs of telephone usage events. By enabling you to track what calls have been made, to what numbers and how much they have cost, it increases visibility over your network, enabling you to identify and prevent fraud, billing errors and telephone misuse. Analysing call…

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5 key contact centre predictions for 2021

5 key contact centre predictions for 2021

By Call & Screen Recording, Cloud, Customer Experience, Quality Control & Customer Insights, Video Collaboration, Voice of the Customer (VoC)

Driven primarily by the impact of the pandemic, 2020 has been a year of dramatic change in the way contact centres are run. We’ve seen the kind of evolution that you might expect to happen gradually over 5 years compressed into 5 months, as companies were forced to embrace remote working for the majority of their employees overnight. The positive…

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