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Knowledge Management

Customer expectations

Meeting customer expectations around service

By Contact Centre, Customer Experience, Knowledge Management, Self Service, Voice of the Customer (VoC)

When it comes to service, customer expectations are rising as they demand a better experience from organisations. Companies know it’s vital to deliver what customers want. However, understanding what will actually appeal to them can be more difficult. Demonstrating this, ContactBabel’s latest research finds that expectations vary dramatically between customer demographics. The report, Exceeding UK Customer Expectations 2023-24, which is…

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ChatGPT in customer service

ChatGPT in customer service: what CX leaders need to know

By AI & Automation, Knowledge Management

Generative AI is currently transforming the way multiple industries operate but what will be the impact of ChatGPT in customer service? Since its launch in November 2022, OpenAI’s ChatGPT conversational AI chatbot has been used by millions of people. As well as the free version, companies can subscribe to a paid service which provides enhanced features and capabilities. The success…

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utility customer service

Building empathy into utility customer service

By Call & Screen Recording, Contact Centre, Customer Experience, Knowledge Management, Quality Control & Customer Insights, Utilities, Voice of the Customer (VoC)

Utility customer service teams face multiple challenges in delivering the right experience to meet customer needs. They have to handle a growing number of increasingly complex interactions, across channels from traditional letters to social media. No wonder that the latest ContactBabel Utilities Guide finds that they are struggling in some of key areas. Average speed to answer a call is…

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challenges impacting customer service

Take a tour of our top 10 2022 Blogs

By Contact Centre, Customer Experience, IVR, Knowledge Management

The challenges impacting customer service 2022 was a year of upheaval, with major disruption to economies, businesses, and individual lives. Coming on top of Covid, the impact of the war in Ukraine, rising prices and supply chain interruptions all affected consumer confidence. This changed customer behaviour, adding to the pressure on customer service teams. With economic headwinds continuing into 2023…

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Customer Service Knowledge Management

10 best practices for customer service knowledge management

By Contact Centre, Knowledge Management, Self Service

Customer queries are becoming increasingly complex – and the information required to answer them is constantly evolving. That means a comprehensive, up-to-date, and widely accessible knowledge management system has never been more important to successful contact centre operations. It empowers agents, ensures customers receive faster responses, increases productivity, and enables customers to find their own answers via self-service, reducing costs. So,…

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human agents and digital technology

Optimising the human-tech interface in customer service

By Call & Screen Recording, Chatbots & AI, Contact Centre, Knowledge Management, Real-Time Speech Analytics

This year’s National Customer Service Week begins on Monday 3rd October. As always it provides an opportunity to focus on the whole topic of customer service to demonstrate its importance to organisational success, and to recognise the efforts and skills of everyone across the industry. One of the key themes for this year is the human-tech interface. Essentially how can…

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FCR the miracle metric

Is FCR the Miracle Metric for Improving the Customer Experience?

By Contact Centre, Customer Experience, Knowledge Management, Self Service

Resolving a call first time is a vital part of the customer experience, making First Contact Resolution (FCR) a crucial way of measuring customer service success. To find out more about how to understand and improve FCR, Enghouse ran an in-depth webinar with Steve Morrell, lead analyst and Managing Director at ContactBabel. Click here to watch a replay – or…

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Getting knowledge management right in the contact centre

Getting knowledge management right in the contact centre

By Contact Centre, Knowledge Management

Managing knowledge effectively is vital to successful customer service. It resolves customer queries while empowering agents with the information they need to work more effectively. Plus it increases overall effectiveness through faster, more consistent answers. In fact, getting knowledge management right can translate into a 50%+ increase in contact centre operational efficiency. Changing knowledge requirements Today the needs and requirements…

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Increasing contact centre self-service benefits

Increasing the benefits of self-service in your contact centre

By Chatbots & AI, Contact Centre, IVR, Knowledge Management, Self Service

Self-service is changing, evolving from being primarily a cost reduction initiative to a revenue enhancer. No wonder then, that one of the key findings of the ContactBabel Inner Circle Guide to AI-powered Self-Service, sponsored by Enghouse Interactive, is that an overwhelming 91% of contact centres now have some form of self-service in place. The changing nature of self-service Self-service is…

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Empowering customer service agents

How to empower your customer service agents

By Contact Centre, Knowledge Management, Remote-Working, Training

Whatever industry you are in, great customer service leads to success. And with more and more routine customer queries now handled through self-service and chatbots, this increases the importance of your agents dealing with the remaining, more complex questions. So how do you go engage with and empower customer service agents? That’s the theme of The UK Inner Circle Guide…

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