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future hybrid contact centre

From Nessie to Necessity: The case for the future hybrid contact centre

By Contact Centre, Hybrid Working, Remote-Working

In 1992 BT ran an experiment in Inverness – inventively named “the Inverness Experiment”. Eleven valiant volunteers from our contact centres (then called operator services) worked from home for a year. Far from unearthing a monster, the experiment was a success. Customer satisfaction went up, and so did employee satisfaction. However, in those days there was no broadband or WiFi,…

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Digital Local Government

Digitally delivering on customer needs in local government

By Contact Centre, Customer Experience, Local Government

Customers increasingly want to interact with their local councils digitally, rather than having to pick up the phone or visit physical offices. It saves them time and makes transactions simpler and easier to do. Embracing digital technology also provides local government with multiple benefits. It helps councils to be more efficient, thus saving money, as well as enabling them to…

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Increasing contact centre self-service benefits

Increasing the benefits of self-service in your contact centre

By Chatbots & AI, Contact Centre, IVR, Knowledge Management, Self Service

Self-service is changing, evolving from being primarily a cost reduction initiative to a revenue enhancer. No wonder then, that one of the key findings of the ContactBabel Inner Circle Guide to AI-powered Self-Service, sponsored by Enghouse Interactive, is that an overwhelming 91% of contact centres now have some form of self-service in place. The changing nature of self-service Self-service is…

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Customer Service Employee Experience

Why a positive employee experience is vital to customer service success

By Contact Centre, Customer Experience

Across every industry there’s a clear link between engaged employees and business success. For example, according to Gallup organisations that have highly engaged employees are 11% more profitable and twice as likely to retain staff compared to rivals. Essentially more engaged employees are: More productive More likely to stay Less prone to absenteeism More innovative Perform better and deliver a…

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cloud contact centre migration

The why and how of successful cloud contact centre migration

By Cloud, Contact Centre, Moving to the Cloud

As businesses adapt to a fast-changing world, they are increasingly moving key parts of the contact centre to the cloud. This shift accelerated during the pandemic lockdowns: with offices suddenly closing, companies were forced to move to home working. Cloud-enabled systems allowed them to continue operating seamlessly. Now, post-pandemic this trend is continuing with contact centres using the cloud to…

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Why consumers expect service excellence

Why consumers now expect service excellence – but won’t pay more for it

By Contact Centre, Customer Experience, Unified Communications & Collaboration

Today, good customer service has a direct impact on a company’s bottom line. 76% of consumers surveyed by Enghouse Interactive for its new research “The Changing Landscape of Customer Communications” said they would likely stop doing business with a company after just one poor experience. Essentially that’s over three-quarters of your customers you could lose – instantly – if you…

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Digitising Communications in the Legal Sector

Digitising Communications within the Legal Sector

By Contact Centre, Legal, Moving to the Cloud, Unified Communications & Collaboration

Harnessing digital technology is one of the top 3 priorities for Legal firms. A trend hastened by the switch to hybrid working as legal teams look to collaborate internally and engage with clients without face-to-face contact. However, while going digital is a priority, it is essential that it doesn’t impact the high levels of service quality that clients expect. In…

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reduce customer response times

7 top tips to reduce customer response times

By AI & Automation, Business Intelligence, Collaboration Tools, Contact Centre, Customer Experience, Inbound Call Centre, Self Service

The importance of fast, accurate answers when delivering customer service cannot be overestimated. Research shows it is the number one priority for customers to get a quick response. In fact studies show that on the phone they want a response within three minutes, while on email and social media they are unhappy if they don’t get an answer within 60…

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Customer Experience in Financial Services

Customer experience in financial services

By Contact Centre, Customer Experience, Finance & Banking

Delivering the right customer experience has always been vital in banking and financial services. This has intensified as the sector has shifted from face-to-face branch interactions to the phone and through digital channels. As customer service needs change, how are banks responding? The 2022 ContactBabel UK Contact Centre Vertical Markets: Finance report provides the answers. Sponsored by Enghouse Interactive, it…

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