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Chatbots & AI

Contact Centre AI

Why contact centre AI is your agent’s friend

By AI & Automation, Chatbots & AI, Contact Centre

Way before ChatGPT hit the headlines, Artificial Intelligence (AI) was already delivering real benefits to customers, the agent, and the wider organisation through contact centre AI. It is powering chatbots and virtual assistants, automating contact centre operations, and supporting agents in providing customer service. In fact, 50% of customer service managers in ContactBabel research said they’d either implemented AI or…

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human agents and digital technology

Optimising the human-tech interface in customer service

By Call & Screen Recording, Chatbots & AI, Contact Centre, Knowledge Management, Real-Time Speech Analytics

This year’s National Customer Service Week begins on Monday 3rd October. As always it provides an opportunity to focus on the whole topic of customer service to demonstrate its importance to organisational success, and to recognise the efforts and skills of everyone across the industry. One of the key themes for this year is the human-tech interface. Essentially how can…

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chatbots for housing associations

How chatbots can transform customer service for housing associations

By Chatbots & AI, Contact Centre, Housing

Delivering the right experience to tenants is at the heart of every successful housing association. And, as customer needs change, offering more digital channels and services is crucial to both effectiveness and efficiency of their operations, as we covered in this previous blog. The benefits of AI-powered chatbots for housing associations As part of this digital shift, more and more…

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Increasing contact centre self-service benefits

Increasing the benefits of self-service in your contact centre

By Chatbots & AI, Contact Centre, IVR, Knowledge Management, Self Service

Self-service is changing, evolving from being primarily a cost reduction initiative to a revenue enhancer. No wonder then, that one of the key findings of the ContactBabel Inner Circle Guide to AI-powered Self-Service, sponsored by Enghouse Interactive, is that an overwhelming 91% of contact centres now have some form of self-service in place. The changing nature of self-service Self-service is…

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Digital Self-Service ROI

How to deliver ROI from your digital self-service

By Chatbots & AI, Customer Experience, IVR, Self Service

The pandemic has radically altered many aspects of how we live our lives, including increasing everyone’s use of digital channels. At the same time customers are becoming more demanding, wanting faster answers to their queries. Together, this puts the spotlight on self-service – customers are now more comfortable using this channel to find information and solve routine queries, provided it…

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predictions for customer service

4 predictions for customer service in 2022

By AI & Automation, Chatbots & AI, Contact Centre, Hybrid Working, Video Communications

What changes will the contact centre see in 2022? To find out we asked a selection of Enghouse experts to look into their crystal balls. Here are some of their top predictions for customer service: 1. Making customer service more visual with video and AR Alex Black, Chief Technical Officer at Enghouse Interactive I’ll start with a recommendation. There is much…

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6 key trends in housing association customer service for 2021

By Chatbots & AI, Housing, Hybrid Working, Microsoft Teams, Unified Communications & Collaboration

For Housing Associations, customer service is key to success – it is essential to keep customers happy and make it very easy for them to communicate with the organisation. Previously, customer contact has often been limited to office and telephone interactions.  Coronavirus necessitated a rethink to maintain service standards and customer satisfaction whilst creating a safe working environment for staff…

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4 tips for successfully reducing high contact volumes and increasing customer satisfaction

4 tips for successfully reducing high contact volumes and increasing customer satisfaction

By AI & Automation, Chatbots & AI, Customer Experience, Knowledge Management, Self Service

Customer experience has never been more important. Customer service teams are under increased pressure to deliver the right answers to a growing volume of calls, across a wider range of topics than ever before. For example, over half of respondents to the latest ContactBabel UK Contact Centre Decision Maker’s Guide 2020-21 said that calls had increased due to the pandemic. When you…

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AI-powered knowledge management

How AI-powered knowledge management drives customer service success

By AI & Automation, Chatbots & AI, Contact Centre, Knowledge Management, Self Service

As a result, this. Accurate, up-to-date AI-powered knowledge management is at the heart of delivering the highest levels of customer service. Giving your agents easy access to the right information when they are answering customer calls, emails and chat sessions is vital to efficiently providing responses and boosting satisfaction. And if you invest in a single, centralised knowledge base that…

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