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Speech automation

Transforming customer service through speech automation and CCaaS

By AI & Automation, Chat, Contact Centre, IVR

Harnessing speech automation enables organisations to increase convenience for customers, improve service levels, and boost efficiency. However, previous speech automation solutions, such as voice IVRs, had significant drawbacks. They were expensive and time-consuming to implement and run. This limited their use to the largest organisations. Performance and understanding were also unpredictable, frustrating customers who gave up and spoke to an…

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Real-time chat translation

How real-time chat translation delivers better multilanguage customer service

By Chat, Contact Centre, Customer Experience, IVR

Providing service in a customer’s preferred language is key to a great experience, that’s why embracing real-time chat translation makes this easier to achieve. Today, customers may not be confident or comfortable in the main language used within your contact centre. This could be because you are providing service to multiple countries from a single location, or to local customers…

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channel shift

Four best practice tips to help drive channel shift

By Chat, Customer Experience, IVR, Self Service, Voice of the Customer (VoC)

Putting in place a strategy that encourages customers to make more use of digital channels is increasingly important. Carried out effectively channel shift has the potential to boost efficiency while at same time helping to improve the overall customer experience. However, for your strategy to be successful and effective over time, you need to ensure that it closely addresses customer…

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Closing the customer experience gap

Bridging the customer experience disconnect

By Chat, Customer Experience, Email, Live Video Chat, Messaging/SMS, Self Service

Understanding customer needs is central to delivering the service and experience they demand. But new research from Enghouse demonstrates a worrying disconnect between what customers actually want and what companies think they want. This customer experience gap could lead organisations to invest in the wrong areas, in turn, letting customers down and driving them into the arms of competitors. The…

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Driving Channel Choice In Customer Service

Understanding The Factors Driving Channel Choice In Customer Service

By Chat, Customer Experience, Email, Inbound Call Centre, Self Service

Consumers now have an ever-widening range of channels for interacting with companies. That puts the onus on companies to offer a consistent, high quality service across all of them. But what is driving channel choice in customer service and how can they resource channels effectively and efficiently? Getting the right balance has to start by understanding your customers. How, why…

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The impact of COVID-19 on UK customer service

The state of UK customer satisfaction in 2021

By Chat, Contact Centre, Customer Experience, Email, Moving to the Cloud, Self Service, Voice of the Customer (VoC)

As nationwide lockdowns continue, how has COVID-19 impacted customer service in the UK – and what lessons do companies need to learn going forward? Based on a survey of 10,000 consumers, the Institute of Customer Service (ICS)’s latest UK Customer Satisfaction Index (UKCSI) provides key insights for customer service teams and signposts important trends for the future. Running since 2008, the ICS’s twice-yearly…

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