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Business Intelligence

contact centre analytics

Unlocking the real power of contact centre analytics

By Agent Evaluation, Business Intelligence, Quality Control & Customer Insights, Real-Time Speech Analytics

Effective contact centre analytics is vital to delivering efficient, high-quality customer service. However, customer service operations produce vast amounts of data. This covers everything from metrics on call length to more in-depth quality assessments of individual interactions. This data is often siloed within individual departments or software systems, adding complexity. Additionally, it can be difficult to understand or visualise by…

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reduce customer response times

7 top tips to reduce customer response times

By AI & Automation, Business Intelligence, Collaboration Tools, Contact Centre, Customer Experience, Inbound Call Centre, Self Service

The importance of fast, accurate answers when delivering customer service cannot be overestimated. Research shows it is the number one priority for customers to get a quick response. In fact studies show that on the phone they want a response within three minutes, while on email and social media they are unhappy if they don’t get an answer within 60…

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meaningful measurement of CX

It’s time for more meaningful measurement of CX

By Business Intelligence, Customer Experience, Quality Control & Customer Insights, Voice of the Customer (VoC)

This article is based on ideas from my recent book, Meaningful Measurement of the Customer Experience, now available everywhere. If you ask most business leaders what their primary measures of success are, they can probably tell you pretty easily. But when they are given reports with statistics on a regular basis, the information presented starts to cloud the judgement of…

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Meeting the expectations of today’s consumers

Meeting the expectations of today’s consumers

By Business Intelligence, Contact Centre, Customer Experience, Self Service

Customer expectations are continually rising – and what is important to consumers is also changing rapidly. For example, thanks to the pandemic use of digital channels such as email, chat and social media has increased dramatically, changing the channel balance of customer service operations. Understanding what customers want – and delivering it successfully – is therefore vital to businesses. When…

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