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Dr Nicola J. Millard - Guest Author

Dr Nicola Millard has done a number of jobs during her long and varied career with BT, including futurology, research, usability, customer service, marketing, and business consulting. She was involved with a number of BT firsts, including the first application of artificial intelligence into BT’s call centres and BT’s initial experiments with homeworking. She currently leads on customer experience, and the digital workplace for BT’s innovation team. She is an award-winning presenter, with 2 TED talks and hundreds of conference appearances under her belt. In both 2019 and 2020 she was listed as one of the top 20 UK CX Influencers by Customer Experience Magazine.

future hybrid contact centre

From Nessie to Necessity: The case for the future hybrid contact centre

By Contact Centre, Hybrid Working, Remote-Working
In 1992 BT ran an experiment in Inverness – inventively named “the Inverness Experiment”. Eleven valiant volunteers from our contact centres (then called operator services) worked from home for a year. Far from unearthing a monster, the experiment was a success. Customer satisfaction went up, and so did employee satisfaction. However, in those days there was no broadband or WiFi,…
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Guest Author Dr Nicola J. Millard

The times they are a changing: how customers and agents are responding to the pandemic one year on

By Contact Centre, Customer Experience
“The times they are a changing”…according to Bob Dylan anyway. It is fair to say that the past year has been an odd one. We’ve been socialising over video rather than down at the pub, our living room has become our office, and we’ve been increasingly shopping online because physical stores have been shut. But has the pandemic fundamentally changed…
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