Agent Wellbeing Research Results 2021

Mind Matters

Agent Wellbeing Research Results 2021


Mind Matters – Agent Wellbeing Research

Enghouse Interactive recently commissioned a survey polling 100 UK contact centre professionals to uncover their pains and challenges. The survey investigated the issues faced by contact centre agents today and how they impact their motivation, wellbeing and productivity.

The global pandemic has forced companies to close offices and transition into virtual contact centres. According to contact centre analyst ContactBabel, 80% of contact centres agents were working from home in November last year.

This trend is likely to continue in a post-Covid world with businesses allowing staff to work in a remote or hybrid environment. But as with any new way of working there are challenges and our survey found:

Agents are likely to leave their contact centre role in 2021
Are struggling to cope
Experienced increased levels of abuse from customers

Ensuring agent wellbeing through the pandemic and beyond

In the case of remote contact centre agents, key considerations include:

  • Increased workload
  • More demanding (increasingly abusive) customers
  • Security concerns
  • Technology and equipment issues
  • Mental health and wellbeing concerns

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