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Top Tips: Customer Experience

Predictions for 2017 – What lies ahead for the Contact Centre

With 2017 just around the corner what lies ahead for the contact centre? In this article we share some of our predictions for 2017.

Article: Customer Experience

Age of the Independent Consultant – Forging a role in customer interaction management

The world of customer experience & interaction management has witnessed a transformation with technology & customer expectations evolving rapidly. To survive, businesses need to move fast to keep ahead of the game. This article explores the role of the independent consultant and its importance within customer interaction management.

Article: Customer Experience

Engaging More Closely With Debtors

Technology is key to unlocking a better customer experience for debtors whilst opening up a broad range of business benefits for collections companies. This article takes you through the various aspects to consider and how technology can help you reach your goals.

Article: Customer Experience

Outbound Dialling – Driving Efficiency & Compliance in Debt Collection

If you want to achieve collections success, you have to be able to connect with your customer base. This explores how outbound dialling can help collection companies reach out to its debtors to recover revenue.

Article: Real-time Speech Analytics

Why Real-time Speech Analytics Drives Collections Success

Technology within the collections industry is more than helping to ensure compliance, its about delivering the best possible customer service where interactions can be difficult and stressful. Read our article to find out how Real-time Speech analytics can help deliver on both these critical requirements.

Top Tips: Customer Experience

Businesses Are Failing to Measure or Monitor Customer Service Quality

Research highlights lack of consensus on what quality means and finds many businesses prevented by cost, resource and technology barriers from achieving it.

Make sure you’re not one of them! Read our latest article

Top Tips: Customer Experience

How do I Make Time for Agent Training

Today, a potent combination of quality monitoring, call recording and real-time speech analytics deployed in the contact centre is helping organisations make time for agent training.
Here, we offer some top tips as to how you can best use these approaches to get the most from your training process.

Top Tips: Customer Experience

Top Tips for Keeping your Processes up to Date

Getting your processes right and keeping them current relies heavily on the coming together of three different enterprise-wide initiatives. Read our article to learn more.

Top Tips: Customer Experience

Top Tips – How to be a Connected Digital Enterprise

To gain traction in the market and build competitive edge, you need to get an insight into your customers’ digital footprints, the kinds of channels they like to interact over and the particular likes and dislikes they have.

The same is true of today’s digital enterprises, organisations increasingly need to build their own digital DNA. Take a look at our top tips.

Top Tips: Customer Experience

What Can the Hit TV Series “Modern Family” and “Humans” Teach Businesses about Customer Interaction

In what way is the rapid advance of digital technology impacting today’s families, and to what extent is it changing the way family members interact with each other and the wider world? Popular series like the US sitcom Modern Family and Channel 4’s new hit drama, Humans, explore these concepts in detail. This article looks at strategies companies can implement today to drive the customer experiences of tomorrow.

Top Tips: Customer Experience

Can Contact Centres Benefit from ‘Skype for Business’?

The adoption of collaboration tools within many enterprises has created a revolution that’s driving a new age of customer service.  This revolution is shifting to an evolution as businesses seek to extract added value from services such as Microsoft Lync and now Skype for Business.  These changes are impacting how businesses approach unified communications as they embrace omnichannel customer interaction.

Top Tips: Unified Communications

UC doesn’t mean a U-turn in your Customer Communications

UC technology has made a transition as organisations first use applications like Microsoft Lync, Cisco Jabber internally to check presence and route calls. Realising this new methodology could also support external communications, enabling them to quickly route customers to the individual best placed to respond. Here are our top tips on how businesses can make the most of the approach.

Top Tips: Customer Experience

Emotional Intelligence in the age of interruption

Most people are looking for effortless customer service. This is being driven at least in part by the need for speed. If people are interrupted multiple times during a day, they will increasingly want and need to get their own issues and concerns rapidly resolved. We discover more about emotional intelligence in the age of continuous interruption.

Top Tips: Customer Experience

Are you giving your customers, an easy life ?

Read our top tips to see how to make your services as easy as possible for your customers to deal with your organisation. It’s an important lesson for businesses to learn as 60% of respondents to recent survey said they had never done business with a brand again as a result of poor customer service.

Top Tips: Customer Experience

Get in shape – Put Your Contact Centre on Diet

Many customer-facing organisations, wrestling with the aftermath of the festive splurge, and are looking to get into shape to deal with new services, products. Now is the perfect time to put in place a new fitness regime. But it’s not always easy. Here are some simple steps you can take to shed the bad habits and get your contact centre fighting fit:

Top Tips: Customer Experience

Be proactive with your customers

We are now seeing a growing number of businesses learning lessons and achieving excellent results by adopting a proactive approach to customer service. So how are successful businesses going about being proactive today? Here are some top tips to keep you on the front foot as you look to deliver effortless customer service. Take a look at our top tips with real practicals examples.

Article: Unified Communications

Age of Interruption

With the world being dominated by digital technology where doing battle with a continuous stream of emails, instant messages and mobile phone calls has become a daily fact of life this is resulting in the “Age of Interruption” whereby workers are becoming “skimmers”, is this the same case when talking to your customers? Read our article to learn more.

Article: Customer Experience

The New Age of Polarised Customer Service

We are entering a new age of customer service, characterised by a stark generational divide in consumer likes and dislikes. This polarisation around age is the overriding lesson is that a one-size-fits-all approach no longer works in today’s complex market. Read our article to learn more

Article: Customer Experience

How to optimise customer access

Intelligently providing your customers with a choice of channels through which to communicate, based upon the nature of their need, can deliver a more efficient, lower effort experience and will differentiate your service from that of your competitors. Read our article to learn more

Article: Customer Experience

How can businesses deliver true self-service without damaging customer experience?

All that every customer wants is a quick and accurate answer to their question. Most don’t mind how they receive it. Yet, the days when organisations were advised to bury their contact details deep in their website so that customers had no alternative but to take the self-service option are well and truly over. Read our article to learn how to make your customers work for you.

Whitepapers / Guides

Whitepapers: Customer Experience

Setting up House

Housing Associations across the UK are under pressure to balance the need to cut costs and drive operational efficiencies whilst keeping levels of customer satisfaction high.

This Whitepaper demonstrates how technology can be brought to b ear in delivering a best practice for associations that enables them to overcome challenges, build more positive relations with tenants and face the future with confidence.

Whitepapers: Unified Communications

Bringing Emotional to Customer Service in an Age of Interruption 

Most people are looking for effortless customer service. Businesses need to embrace this and start evaluating the emotional content of their interactions with customers and the impact it has on customer experience.

This Whitepaper explores how organisations can start to develop the emotional intelligence they need to deliver a positive customer experience and use it to survive and thrive in today’s challenging business environment.

Whitepapers: Customer Experience

The Age of the Independent Consultant – Forging a Role in Customer Interaction Management 

Independent Consultants are often best placed to build engagement and trust quickly with customer driven organisations. Their agile operating models and specialist market expertise makes them well placed to capitalise on a business environment bringing with it rapid results. This Whitepaper highlights the role of the Independent Consultant and its importance within customer interaction management.

Whitepaper: Unified Communications

Why Make Life Harder For Yourself

Customers want continuity & great customer service. They want you to know who they are, their interaction history & not having to repeat information. This Whitepaper explores the world of integrating people, processes and systems to create a truly integrated customer service experience.

Whitepapers: Customer Experience

What do people really think of Skype for Business in the contact centre? 

Do enterprises really understand the benefits of Skype for Business? Read more of what our twitter community had to say, by downloading our WHITEPAPER: What do people really think of Skype for Business in the contact centre?

Whitepaper: Unified Communications

The Sense of Quality Survey

A new survey from us, polling the views of UK organisations reveals that many businesses are struggling to define quality customer service delivery, and thanks to cost and integration challenges, often failing to implement the necessary recording, monitoring and analytics tools to deliver it. Use your senses of quality to build the next gen of operational performance and quality management.

Whitepaper: Customer Experience

Why Digital DNA is the Lifeblood of the Modern Business?

This white paper highlights the importance of this digital DNA to business and explores approaches they can take to capture and leverage it to deliver business effiiciencies; achieve enhanced customer engagement and drive competitive edge.

Whitepapers: Customer Experience

Are you listening to your customers and agents?

Traditionally, you build an approach around measuring statistics related to call handling from call volumes to call answer time; average call handle time; abandonment rates and queue time, for example. However, there are clearly some significant limitations with this approach to quality of the service and performance. Read our whitepaper to learn a new approach.

Whitepapers: Customer Experience

The Connected Enterprise

It’s a balancing act but for many companies today, the potential benefits outweigh the perceived risks, especially as UC platforms can be the catalyst that helps make the connected enterprise a reality. So, how can businesses start to put in place the building blocks of the connected enterprise by using unified communications technology together with the latest customer interaction technology? View some top tips to avoid the pitfalls and capitalise on the opportunities of a connected enterprise.

Whitepaper: Unified Communications

How to Build A Customer Centric Enterprise

Customers are the lifeblood of your organisation and should be at the heart of everything your employees do and should not solely be the concern of those in the front line of your organisation.  It’s only when every employee defines their actions by the impact they have on the customer experience, can you consider yourself a truly Customer Centric Enterprise. Read our article to becoming a truly Customer Centric Enterprise.

Whitepaper: Customer Experience

The Evolution of the Contact Centre

Over the past few years we have seen dramatic changes in the relationship between corporate business and customer. Download our whitepaper to help make the right choices in a rapidly changing world.

Whitepapers: Customer Experience

Building a Business Case for Cloud Contact Centres

This white paper takes a look at the issues businesses face in enhancing customer interactions and optimising their customer  service; examines the on-going move away from physical contact centres towards a more virtual approach and explores the elements of building a business case for cloud.

Sponsored Report: Self-Service

Contact Babel Inner Circle Guide to Self-Service

Self-service is no longer a “nice to have”. It’s a necessity to providing a positive customer experience.

The Contact Babel Inner Circle Guide to Self-Service, sponsored Enghouse Interactive, is the definitive analyst study of how intelligent automated service – via IVR, speech, virtual agents, mobile and social channels – fits into the customer contact mix.

Sponsored Report: Contact Centre

Gartner’s Guide for Microsoft Skype for Business Contact Center Partners – Reprint

The report provides an overview of the Skype for Business contact centre market, the key characteristics of the different approaches and an in-depth look at the elite partner solutions which can deliver this.

Sponsored Report: Outbound

Contact Babel: 2016 UK Contact Centre Decision -Makers Guide

Enghouse Interactive is once again a platinum sponsor of this year’s “Contact Babel UK Contact Centre Decision-Makers’ Guide (2016 – 14th edition)” a major annual report studying the performance, operations, technology and HR aspects of UK contact centre operations.

Sponsored Report: Customer experience

Ventana Research: The Next Generation Contact Centre in the Cloud

The Executive Summary Report from Ventana Research highlights some of the key findings from their latest survey to determine attitudes towards and utilisation of cloud based contact centres.

Sponsored Report: Contact Centres

Contact Babel: The UK Inner Circle Guide to Outbound & Call Blending

Platinum sponsors of this years Contact Babel “Inner Circle Guide to Outbound & Call Blending. The guide aims to give a detailed and definitive view of the role, drivers and future of outbound within the contact centre.

Sponsored Report: Contact Centres

DMG Consulting LLC 2015/2016: Cloud-Based Infrastructure Market Report – Reprint

The cloud-based infrastructure market continues to adapt to the needs of the omni-channel environment and Enghouse Interactive’s Contact Centre Service Provider solution has risen to the top of the market. Find out more by taking a look at the report.

Sponsored Report: Contact Centres

Making the boat go faster: Enghouse Interactive and Olympic Gold Medalist Rower, share Best Practices for enhancing performance.

All the lessons of ‘making the boat go faster’ in elite sport can be transposed and shown to work in the world of customer service. Download our best practice guide for how businesses can win gold by enhancing the way they manage and interact with their customers.

Sponsored Report: Contact Centres

Call Center IQ: 2015/2016 Executive Report on the Omni-Channel Contact Centre

Today’s businesses are no longer debating the importance of the omni-channel customer experience; they recognise it as paramount. In widely embracing the omni-channel revolution, today’s marketplace has effectively ended the philosophical debate. Download the Enghouse sponsored omni-channel report.

Sponsored Report: Unified Communications

Contact Babel: The UK Inner Circle Guide to Cloud-Based Contact Centres

Platinum sponsors of this years Contact Babel “Inner Circle Guide to Cloud-based Contact Centre Solutions. The guide aims to give a detailed and definitive view of the reality of  implementing, the business drivers, technology and market for cloud solutions and a view on what the future holds..

Sponsored Report: Contact Centres

Contact Babel: UK Inner Circle to Multichannel Customer Contact

Enghouse Interactive has partnered with ContactBabel to bring you the UK Inner Circle Guide to Multichannel Customer Contact. We hope that this guide will answer any questions you may have about the major issues affecting the contact centre industry and future multichannel strategy.

Sponsored Report: Unified Communications

Contact Babel: The Inner Circle Guide to Self Service Guide

Enghouse Interactive are pleased to be a key sponsor of the Inner Circle Guide to Self Service 2014. Within this definitive analyst study of how intelligent automated service – via IVR, speech, virtual agents, mobile and social channels – fits into the customer contact mix.

Enghouse Interactive Surveys

Whitepapers: Customer Experience

The Senses of Quality Survey

A new survey from us, polling the views of UK organisations reveals that many businesses are struggling to define quality customer service delivery, and thanks to cost and integration challenges, often failing to implement the necessary recording, monitoring and analytics tools to deliver it. Use your senses of quality to build the next gen of operational performance and quality management.

Survey: Customer Experience

Consumer Survey Report: Covering all bases

Enghouse Interactive has run a Consumer survey to over 2000 people across different age ranges to identify the trends on consumer’s thoughts on customer experience. Download the free survey to learn the findings.