Datapulse is now part of Enghouse Interactive

Datapulse has been acquired by Enghouse Interactive and continues creating market-shaping solutions that provide tangible benefits to enterprises and public sector organisations.

Enghouse Interactive is a Platinum-level Avaya DevConnect Partner and a Microsoft Gold Partner. Our extensive portfolio of compatible software applications for both legacy and IP systems, are supplied exclusively through vendor accredited partners across the world.

Datapulse develops a broad range of integrated, certified applications for Unified Communications Platforms which are designed to enhance the productivity and effectiveness of people and processes. We design, develop and implement solutions with our vendor partners to ensure that all our products and services meet exacting standards of quality and compatibility.

By combining product expertise with local support and training services, Datapulse delivers a total solution that helps clients increase business efficiency, responsiveness and competitiveness, whilst improving customer service and reducing costs throughout their organisation.

Datapulse operates to a quality system that is registered to ISO9001:2000 Quality Management Systems with TickIT endorsement for software quality.

Enghouse Interactive provides a range of richly featured pc-based attendant consoles with advanced directory look-up facilities and a choice of system components and functions that enable organisations to tailor call handling exactly to their needs.

Our operator solutions can be integrated with company directories to reduce administration costs, and with Microsoft OCS to provide live presence information for improved call transfer success.

Consoles can be installed standalone, networked and have a simple, cost effective upgrade path from digital to IP. VIOC consoles are available for blind and visually impaired operators.

Key features

  • Faster call handling – call handling times are shortened and higher volumes of calls are processed
  • Choice of greeting according to incoming call identity key or time of day
  • Powerful directory search capability ensures callers are always connected to the most appropriate person
  • Statistics for performance monitoring

The Operator Consoles from Enghouse provide all the functionality our hospital switchboard operators need to ensure they provide an efficient service to the public.

Greater Glasgow and Clyde NHS Board

Enghouse Interactive Reception & Call Handling for Enterprises

Enghouse Interactive’s operator console solutions enable operators and receptionists to quickly, professionally, and efficiently manage and dispatch interactions to the correct end-points by identifying available resource across the organisation and providing consistent, professional service to caller.
At the heart of any successful Unified Communications solution is accurate, consistent people information. Telephone numbers, names, job titles, availability, location etc are constantly changing and are often stored on multiple, disperate platforms across a number of sites. Datapulse integrates this information with business processes and technology enabling organisations to benefit from the productivity, efficiency and cost savings associated with Unified Communications.

Your operator centre is often the first point of contact with your organisation, so it is vital to create a positive impression by dealing with caller’s enquiries efficiently.

With Intuition 2000, organisations can now enjoy the features and functionality of an enterprise operator solution delivered through a hosted PBX service based on Genband’s C20 Converged Softswitch infrastructure

Operators are instantly alerted to an incoming call by a screen pop-up that automatically presents the caller’s details where available. Screen prompts then guide the operator on how to answer the call according to its source and the number dialled. With the caller online, the operator can speed-search for the requested contact by keying in just a few characters. The database returns matching entries, the operator selects the appropriate one and connects the caller to the chosen contact. With Intuition, individual calls are processed faster and high call volumes handled successfully, without compromising service standards.

The IP Intuition 2000 Console is flexible enough to adapt to networks of any size and complexity. Whether your business requires one operator on a standalone system or several operator centres on a network of switches located over multiple sites, Intuition is scalable to your current and future requirements.

Key features

  • Accurate, consistent greetings and efficient transfer of all calls
  • Prioritise VIP and urgent calls
  • Ability to track people and location changes within the organization and note staff absences
  • Measure and quantify operator performance
  • Operators can be located anywhere on the corporate network offering disaster recovery resilience
  • Immediate high-level of knowledge for temporary operators

First impressions count. Which is why it makes sense to give your switchboard operators the best possible tools for professional and efficient call handling. Intuition Acclaim combines advanced call handling features and presence information with your company directory to ensure that every customer, supplier and business associate receives consistently prompt and professional service.

Designed for use with Avaya’s Communication Server 1000 v7 and IP enabled Meridian v7, Intuition Acclaim has been certified with Compatible Product Status on these switches.

Intuition is backed by Datapulse’s full range of professional services including consultancy, installation, training and support.

Key features

  • Fast, precise answering and efficient call transfer
  • Operators can prerecord their own messages for consistent and accurate greeting of all calls
  • Call handling times are shortened and higher volumes of calls are processed, improving service
  • Improve call transfer success by checking staff availability
  • Choice of greeting according to incoming call identity key or time of day
Visually Impaired Operator Console

Visually Impaired Console (VIOC) provides vision impaired or blind operators to use the functionality of Intuition 1000. ZoomText provides a wide range of magnification levels for enlarging text on screen. There are also options for enhancing colour, pointers and cursers. ScreenReader reads out the text on the screen, with options for volume, speed, and will read and navigate Word, Excel and Outlook documents with 100% accuracy.

VIOC is also compatible with JAWS technology which speaks information that appears on the screen and supports a huge range of popular applications. JAWS can also display this information in Braille when used with refreshable Braille displays.

Compatible with Nortel Meridian 1 and CS1000, VIOC works in TDM, IP and hybrid environments with a simple, cost effective upgrade path. This makes the solution perfect for those organisations that are planning to move to IP and those who are in the process of a VOIP migration or have already gone fully IP. The simple structure also means Intuition is very easy to install and maintain, with minimal disruption and training.

Intuition 1000 VIOC has been awarded Compatible Product Certification by Nortel for Communication Server 1000 and Meridian.

Key features

  • Onscreen information can be spoken to the user via a headset or speakers
  • Zoomtext provides options for magnification, contrast, colours, brightness and cursor size
  • Integration with Braille displays
  • Specialist consultancy is available to optimise Intuition VIOC for an individual

Precision SAAS

Let us handle your call accounting and cost control requirements, saving you administration time and valuable staff resources. Datapulse’s Precision offers a range of web-based services that provide telecoms / IT cost reduction opportunities in medium sized and large organizations. Whether in retail, finance, manufacturing, service industies, telecoms/IT, healthcare, education, professional firms such as lawyers and accountants, or government, we have a solution for you.

The Precision solution is purpose-designed as a web application with easy-to-read reports featuring data drill down, scheduled reporting and on-line access, simple data export to spreadsheets, and the monitoring of key metrics with alerts against user-defined thresholds. Able to gather data from IP or legacy telephone systems, or vendor electronic bills, in a single or mixed vendor environment, this essential service will generate greater awareness of costs throughout your organization, leading directly to improvements in the bottom line.

Key features

  • SAAS means no internal administration or operating costs, so with minimal outlay and after a short training course you’ll be up and running
  • Per port pricing calcualated across the whole estate
  • Secure, reliable and scalable – 1 to 100s of sites anywhere in the world
  • Call data from most telephone systems can be handled – Avaya/Nortel, Siemens, Mitel, Cisco, Alcatel, Fujitsu, and many others
  • Fast, easy access to reports via web browser means problems are identified quickly
  • Trap fraud, abuse and misuse; improve customer service; monitor usage & trends
  • Highlight exceptional costs and make informed cost reduction decisions
  • Reduce the cost of recharging calls and other costs for internal and external clients
  • Identify redundant equipment and services, saving resources
  • Will take direct feeds from directory systems; provides electronic input accounting systems