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Enghouse Interactive’s Quality Management Suite (QMS) continues to evolve to meet the market’s changing business needs. We’re continuously improving, innovating, listening to feedback from partners and customers, and always aim to ensure our software is of the highest quality.

This year QMS, Enghouse Interactive Communications Center (EICC), Communications Center Enterprise (CCE) release their new versions at the same time ensuring harmonious integration between the three solutions. QMS 2016 makes installs faster, provides a lower cost of ownership, and now has seamless integration through TouchPoint between QMS and EICC making agent evaluation easier than ever before.

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Enhancements in QMS 2016

Resiliency Improvements
• Synchronised recorder operation

Extended Portfolio Integration
• Wrap-up codes in QMS from Enghouse Interactive Communications Center and Communications Center Enterprise
• Last score card visibility in Touchpoint along with monthly average score
• Multi-flag searches
• Tighter integration with Real-Time Speech Analytics – QMS provides the audio and operates with the Real-Time Analytics client

Agent Evaluation Improvements
• Instant failure of score cards along with failure reason/codes
• Export/email score cards
• Real Time Speech Analytics Soft Evaluators automatically measure speaking behaviours, and update scoring in real-time

New Licensing Options
• Concurrent licensing for recording and screen recording
• New Supervisor license

Environment Enhancements
• Windows 10 support
• Cisco Jabber support
• VDI support for screen recording

A comparison of the features and functionality added since version 4.3 [click to enlarge]:

QMS matrix

"By combining call recording with complementary training, we wanted to ensure staff performance was continuously reviewed and optimised, while introducing new techniques to help them improve.”

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Enhancements in Version 5.4

Reduced Cost of Ownership
Reducing complexity and total cost of ownership for channel partners and customers
• Installation and Configuration Imrovements
– New administration tools
– Simplified installation tool
• Improved documentation _New Design Guide

Portfolio Expansion
Extend the value of QMS
• Automated agent evaluations via speech analytics solutions
• QMS Desktop Utility for pause/resume and call flagging

Portfolio Integration
Increase the value of QMS operating with Enghouse Contact Center Suites

Portfolio Integration
Increase the value of QMS operating with Enghouse Contact Center Suites
• ‘Record & Evaluate’ – to QMS recording migration tool
• Improved recording support for CCE

Enhancements in Version 5.3

Expand PBX Support
• Support included for Avaya CS1000
• Updated ShoreTel TAPI and TAPI/WAV integration
• Updated Mitel support with improved Mitel SRC integration

Microsoft Lync Features
Support for Lync Edge server recording, including an audio
capture tool which expands recording architecture options.

Agent Evaluation Scorecards
Optional Agent Evaluation scorecard templates – also utilised by EICC

Portfolio Integration
• Agent hot-desking support across QMS, EICC and CCE
• Extended recording profiles to flag contact centre rules as well
as customer requested rules with improved search results

Improving the Daily Lives of the People of the Contact Center

The Enghouse Interactive portfolio strives to improve the daily lives of people in the contact center through interaction management software and our 2016 software releases are a huge contributing factor to this mission.
We know happy contact center agents equal happy customers, but who is the happy agent? We believe it’s the agent that’s in control, has all the information they need at their finger tips, isn’t stressed, can confidently handle every challenge and come back tomorrow to do it all again.

It’s our mission to develop great tools that allow agents to do exactly that – leave the office every day knowing they conquered every challenge thrown at them and made their customers happy. Our strong relationship with our customers has given us a real understanding of what makes them tick. We work alongside our customers to ensure they’re not fighting their battles alone.